LaBCaF For Organizations

Would you like your customers to refer more of their friends to you? 
Of course you would!
There is no better salesperson or spokesperson
than a happy customer!

And if you can achieve that while creating a positive connection between your company and the community you serve, you become much more than just a local business:

You become a neighbor and a trusted resource !

Well you CAN achieve that, and we can help!

Whether you are a business, church, college sorority, Home Owners Assoc., or non-profit organization, we can help your organization, your members, your clients, and your community become safer,
while directing positive attention back to your organization.

Regardless of the products or services you offer, what if you gave your clients, employees, or members a gift that will positively impact their safety for the rest of their lives?  While many organizations offer gifts, discounts, or other cute but quickly forgotten items, you can provide a way to feel and BE safer that can last a lifetime!
 How would that make them feel about you?

What it says  about your organization:

“ You care about much more than just getting their business”
“You are a neighbor and part of their community “
“You take care of your community”

We know that people may forget what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel as a person! We also know that customers will continue to do business with a company and with people they like.  And they’ll want their friends and co-workers to have the same experience.

To increase your customer and member loyalty, to get them sharing your story with their friends, and to make your community safer, get started by reaching out to us by clicking here.  Let us teach your customers, employees, and members to be safe while showing them how much you care about them AND their family.

We look forward to helping you and your community!